Sekiro, Souls, and the Kingdom of Light

In the novel Moby Dick, the whiteness of the Whale presents a force of nature stark and uncovered, the wild will of God which is loathed and opposed by the resentful Captain Ahab. The whiteness of the Whale is its cruelty, its harsh strength, its ability to stand in for the object of all desire… Continue reading Sekiro, Souls, and the Kingdom of Light

Is the Future Christian?

Perhaps the most difficult question posed in my entire life is this one: is Christianity a permanent, true, and enduring expression of the divine logos, or merely the form taken by that logos in one particular mode of human history, destined to be replaced like all prior mystical sects and priesthoods, such as the Mysteries… Continue reading Is the Future Christian?

On the Twilight of the Christian Age

Electronic communications in Christ!

By Alexander Blum The Christian age is the age of the fish. The meaning of this poetical and incoherent statement is that the Christian concept of the “Word” and the “logos” is the fish that resides in the unbroken tides of the unconscious.