Our prisons are filled with people who committed no violent crime. Drugs. Addiction. We punish the indulgence of these patterns. We jail everyone. A prison state, a police state. But where is prosecution for those who kill thousands under the angelic wing of the state? God is immune from crime. God can commit no crime. God’s murder is infallible, man’s murder warrants Hell. The self-righteous accusers, the archangels with swords raised – when will their reckoning come?

The war on drugs, the war on habit, the war against habit waged by the most habitual of us all: fools who consider law justification for itself. It is this delusion that creates dualism between angels and demons. It creates a false world where demons are who the news says they are, and the military and the police are angels carrying forth the will of God. An Afghani defending his village is a demon, a foreign soldier from an imperial power is an angel. This is the perspective of law, which condemns an Afghani for killing a soldier and praises a soldier for killing an Afghani.

This is the injustice at the core of human society: the justification of crime when the criminal is considered an angel, and the hollow condemnation of demons for the same offenses. Indeed, the “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out” crowd worship the throne of God – they stand before Yahweh and proclaim His righteousness – blind to the fact that He is a murderer, and proud of it. But to them, God is not a murderer by definition, and neither are His angels. Faith snuffs out the truth until only the void is left. Lock ‘em all up, and throw away the key.

Angels and demons are the same in spirit – they desire power, they seek to conquer and control. They are fine with the world as it is, they just want to rule it. Power is God, and those who fall on the wrong side of power can be considered demons. The powerful can be called angels.

Our age is no different from any other – we have merely pretended to transcend savagery. Pretense of ‘progress’ hides the face of the beast. Angels and demons are one, and they pray for the fortune of the same God.